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Insurance & Notes


Sonpo Japan Nipponkoa

Insurance covers personal compensation, objective compensation, personal injury compensation, and vehicle insurance.


Personal compensation: Unlimited
Objective compensation: Unlimited (Exemption of 50000 yen)

Passenger injury compensation: 30 million yen/per person
Vehicle exemption: 100000yen

​Deductible amount is set for objective compensation and vehicle compensation.


In the event of an accident, you will be required to pay the vehicle repair exemption, cash compensation exemption and Non-operation charge (170000yen to 200000yen).

Please drive safely by complying with laws. You can spend unexpected time and money if you cause an accident.

In Case Insurance and Compensation Does Not Apply
  • Unlicensed driving, drunk driving, asleep while driving

  • Accidents involving drug use

  • Running with excess capacity and overload

  • If you drive on a road other than a road (riverbed, coast, forest, wilderness, exclusive sidewalk, etc.)

  • Damage or corrosion caused by poor usage

  • When a car or signboard is damaged on our site

  • When damaged by tire chains, ski carriers, etc.

  • Tire damage / puncture, wheel cap / cover lost

  • If you have not worn your seatbelt while driving

  • If you fail to report the accident to the police

  • Failure to contact us from the accident site

  • When we talk with the other party without notice

  • When used for various tests and competitions

  • When used for towing or boosting other vehicles

  • When the rental car is damaged due to an accident with a vehicle owned, used or managed by the customer

  • Failure due to operation error

  • Damage to vehicle interior equipment

  • Accidents that occurred during unauthorized extension of rental time

  • Accidents caused by persons other than the driver described in the contract

  • Violation of the terms of our rental agreement

  • Other accidents that fall under the disclaimers in the insurance contract

Driving a car in Japan

Cars drive on the left side of the road and have the driver's seat and steering wheel on their right side. The legal minimum age for driving is 18 years. Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited. Please check for more details on this site.

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